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Family Sharing

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By Hanna Wong on July 26, 2016

TrackR is excited to announce our newest feature, Family Sharing. This new feature provides an easy way for families, friends, neighbors and roommates to collaborate in the effort to keep track of lost belongings. Each member of the family can now share in the ability to track the same TrackR-ed item providing a much more efficient and convenient way to go about locating lost belongings. 

Family sharing isn’t just limited to misplaced items but can be used to help locate missing pets too. For example, if your dog manages to get out of your yard, it would be great for your neighbors to be able to help track down your beloved pet. Or if one of your roommates loses the spare key to your dorm or apartment, the ability for each of you to help in the search would make your lives much easier. 

To use Family Sharing, you create a private group and add a member of your family, or whomever you wish to be able to track a certain device, to the group using the email associated with their TrackR account. They will then receive an email and will be able to accept your invitation allowing them to track the shared device. All members of your group will be able to see the last known location of the TrackR and will be able to ring the device when within bluetooth range (100 feet). 

When the needs of the community became clear, TrackR began work on this feature in order to benefit the lives our customers. We hope that Family Sharing provides an added resource in locating your lost items as well as giving peace of mind. 

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Trackr bravo pet phone item wallet ket finder tracker puppy 360

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