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The Top 6 Things You Need to Go Back to School: the College Kid Edition


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By Hanna Wong on August 29, 2016



Picture your first day of college. You’re ready to take over the world… or at least the campus. You wear your school colors and are proud of it! But as you picture this scenario, something’s worrying you. Oh right, you have absolutely no idea what you’re going to need to survive your first year of college. Relax! TrackR has your back and we’ve compiled a list of the top six things you’re going to need this year.


 1) A binder. This is going to hold and organize all of your important papers, folders and assignments.


2) A planner. In order to keep track of due dates, a work schedule and an ever growing social calendar you’re going to need to add a planner to your list of school supplies.


3) A backpack. An obvious, but invaluable item. Think of it as an investment. This backpack is going to get you through carrying many of your expensive textbooks (that you probably won’t even read), your computer (mostly used for Netflix) and water bottle.


4) A water bottle. After those all-nighters you’re going to pull studying, you’re going to need to hydrate. Enough said.


5) A computer. You’re definitely going to need a computer so that you can watch Netflix. Er, I mean for writing all of your school papers and taking notes in class. Yeah that’s it.


6) A TrackR bravo. This may be your biggest time-saver on mornings when you can’t find your phone or backpack and only have five minutes to make it to class. Just because you could do 8am classes in high school, doesn’t mean you can now. Rookie mistake. 


With this shopping list in hand you’re now ready to go forth and begin your first year of college. Good Luck. You’re going to need it.



About the Author

Trackr bravo pet phone item wallet ket finder tracker puppy 360

Hanna Wong

Content Manager